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Tokopedia Marketing Strategy: A Very Gen Z TikTok

Tokopedia Marketing Strategy by Tiktok
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Tokopedia has been known as Indonesia’s top e-commerce platform with an active online presence. They are especially famous for their easily recognizable green mascot. Tokopedia cleverly incorporates their iconic mascot in their content marketing strategy in social media. This naturally includes the biggest social media platform in today’s age, TikTok.

Tokopedia official TikTok account amassed 11,5 M followers with 100.2 M total likes. Their average video views reach 100k across all videos they share. This immense social media engagement is all brand’s ideal dream to achieve the maximum awareness.

Tokopedia Tiktok Account

Tokopedia Tiktok Account (December 2023)

We’ll talk about more on Tokopedia and their social media marketing strategy, especially their TikTok contents that seemingly well-received by TikTok audience.


The Ever-Changing TikTok Trend

TikTok is a social media platform renowned for their user-generated content (UGC) video with rapidly-changing trends. It is nearly impossible for a brand to keep up with the quick current of TikTok trends, unless they have a flexible and agile approach.

So many brands adopt the trendjacking strategy for a fast account-growth, and it usually works out great if done with enough consistency. This is because trendjacking is the easiest method to gain mainstream audience to discover a brand.

Trendjacking Example

Trendjacking Example (Source : Newsjacking)

There is one other strategy to stand out in TikTok audience other than following trends, that is building a niche audience from the scratch. It might take extra work and patience, but it will end with rewarding result.

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Tokopedia is a leading example of trendjacking strategy in their TikTok marketing. However, what makes their strategy easily distinguishable is their peculiar TikTok content ideas. They don’t just merely follow a trend, but adding their personality as well into the trends.


Tokopedia, TikTok, and Gen Z

Opening Tokopedia TikTok account will make one wonders, what exactly are they selling? The thing is, Tokopedia doesn’t sell their service in their contents. The contents mostly focus on comedy entertainment and meme.

Due to the iconic green mascot and absurd contents, Tokopedia is often labeled as Duolingo’s long lost sibling. They are so similar, yet specialize in different niche. One thing for sure tho, they are catering to the Gen Z humor.

Tokopedia, however, is a special case. Their contents target 3 of the biggest TikTok/Indonesian audience; anime fans/gamers, K-Pop fans, and soccer fans. They position themselves not as a brand trying to fit in to the fandoms, but as the fandom itself.

Tokopedia Content Marketing Strategy

Tokopedia’s tiktok content mimics one of the popular comic scene (Source : Tokopedia Tiktok)

This is notably astonishing, as they divulge deep into the fandom. They understand the inside jokes and behavior of the audience, not caring that the general audience wouldn’t be able to understand their contents.

It takes a certain amount of courage to not care about the mainstream audience, instead focusing on the 3 loyal audience they have. It definitely helps that the combined audiences are just massive as the general TikTok user, with extra loyalty as the cherry on top.


Bottom Line Is, The Devil Works Hard, But Tokopedia TikTok Admin Works Harder

Sometimes, massive audience doesn’t necessarily mean better audience. It’s best to concentrate on certain niche that has been proven to have great loyalty to their interest, just like Tokopedia sharing inside jokes with the anime and K-Pop fans.

If you want to have a remarkable social media presence like Tokopedia, you can always consult the expert on social media marketing. Avond Studio won’t hesitate to take a leap of faith into the super niche market if that’s what you want, so you can contact us anytime!

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