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Motion Graphic, The Extension of Graphic Design

Motion Graphic
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For the creative people with an eye for the arts out there, graphic design is a fun world to explore. People can play around with how to deliver a message in their own way, as the very foundation of graphic design is to communicate with elements other than boring ol’ texts.

Such creativity in communication is almost always needed in all kinds of industries, hence the skyrocketing popularity of graphic designers. Be it the giant corporation or the local coffee shop, they all need graphic design to just simply communicate better.

Despite the attractive demand and creativity, graphic design still has its limitations, namely the static visuals that may or may not be enough to capture one’s attention, let alone convey the message. Let’s face it, how long can a static image, regardless of how unique and interesting the design is, grab one’s attention?

To answer that problem, enter motion graphics—the dynamic extension of graphic design that breathes life into still images, transforming them into an entire story to tell. If you’ve ever been curious about graphic design but found it a tad too static, let’s take a look through the world where pixels don’t just stand still; they tango, waltz, and pirouette.


The Graphic Design That Comes to Life

To explain it briefly, motion graphics is the animated version of graphic design. It combined the intricate art of filmmaking (even if just a little) with graphic design. A designer introduces movement to graphic elements such as pictures, typography, illustrations, and even 3D design. Motion design may as well include the use of audio in their visuals.

However, unlike the traditional graphic designer. motion designers focus on dynamic compositions and the interactive flow of the storytelling. They pay attention to how graphic elements interact with each other, keeping the movement as natural as possible to elicit the expected ‘wow’ reaction from the viewers.

Despite the obvious difference between graphic design and motion graphics being  ‘animation’ and ‘movement’, here are more details to elaborate on the key differences between the two:


  • More than just giving movement

As stated before, graphic and motion design ought to be as natural as possible. Aside from the overall flow of movement, a motion graphic designer also needs to consider the shortening attention span of people, ensuring the motion graphic is able to sustain the viewer’s attention.

  • Storytelling at another level

While static images can try to assure smooth readability with precise positioning and layouting, motion graphic can take it to the next level. The designer has enough power to guarantee accurate message delivery by reviewing the flow of movement from the design.

  • The obvious media difference

While motion graphic is restricted to electronic media, graphic design can transcend into printed media. Due to the movement, printed media isn’t capable of perfectly capturing it, with 3D design the most printed media can handle. Motion graphics work well with social media, TV, and even electronic ads.


The Path of A Dynamic Storyteller

So, you’re interested in the path of motion graphic designer? With the growing demands for it, becoming a motion designer can be rewarding indeed, both creative-wise and salary-wise. The fact that motion graphic takes a more advanced skill than traditional graphic design makes it even more tempting.

Motion Graphic Storytelling

Motion Graphic Storytelling

One of the career options for motion graphic designer is the in-house motion designer for a brand with a big enough budget to care about aesthetics and creatives. For those who don’t fit into the employee title, self-employment is also a great choice.

One thing to note, despite coming from the main branch of graphic design, motion graphic needs a different set of expertise than design graphic. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when delving into the world of motion graphic:


  • Graphic design skill is not absolutely necessary

You heard that right, you don’t need to start from graphic design to master motion graphic. However, it’s highly beneficial if you can create your own graphic libraries for your animation design. Skilled in graphic design also means you’re used to the creative thinking and principles.

  • Different software for animation

While graphic designers mainly use Illustrator or Photoshop, it’s important for newbie motion designers to start focusing more on animation software such as Adobe After Effect, Cinema 4D, and Premiere Pro.

  • Basic coding understanding is a plus

Scratch that, it’s a huge plus to be able to at least master the basics of HTML, Python, or JavaScript. It will definitely make the work easier with the help of automation from code. Not to mention, it also opens up opportunities for web design.


In Summary, There’s More to Graphic Design

At the end of the day, motion graphics serve as a complementary extension to traditional graphic design, offering a dynamic and interactive dimension. It brings a new level of attractive design and ‘wow’ effect for the viewers, which is why brands sought for it greatly. For the brands who understand the greatness motion graphics can bring, Avond Studio will surely be your favorite business partner and designer.

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