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5 Important Steps on How to Become Graphic Designer

Step to become Graphic Designer
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For younger people, graphic designer is one of the hottest career path in 2023. It might not surpass software engineer in popularity, but it is surely a steadily growing industry.

This is because graphic design is a versatile skill and is always in demand for all kinds of businesses. No matter what brand it is, they always need visual assets to introduce their brand. Be it a poster, flyer, menu, or even social media.

The average salary for a graphic designer in Indonesia is around Rp4.000.000 per month. A designer can earn more if they decide to do side projects because there will always be clients who need designs.

So if you’re one of the aspiring people who’s thinking to join the creative industry, we’ll learn more about graphic designer as a job and how to prepare you to learn design even without a degree.


What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Firstly, what is graphic design? It is a branch of design that is intended to communicate visually with graphics and texts through manual or digital tools.

It is becoming clear that a graphic designer’s job description is to design stuff for a company or business. Here is a more detailed list of what graphic designers do in their job.

  • Develop concepts for visual needs according to requirements and expectation
  • Create visual and imagery graphics for many commercial and promotional needs in printed or digital media
  • Work with a copywriter for text design creation
  • Determine the layout to fit the image and text in a specified size
  • Decide the font used for the brand
  • Ensure readability of the design, including how the text is arranged, font size, and color palette
  • Adjust the design to suit the client’s expectations
  • Keep up with the latest technology and design trends


Different Types of Graphic Designer

As the work listed above, some might think that graphic designer’s scope of work is too wide. While graphic design in general includes logo, social media design, poster, and basically ALL design needs, there are specialists under the graphic design umbrella.

Here are some of the more specific branches of graphic designer you might be interested in if you want to focus your skills.


  • 2D/3D animator

Animator, simply, is the one who breathes life into the design they create, be it 2D or 3D design. They produce motions for characters or objects to move and interact with their environment.


The interaction with the environment gives a realistic element to the design, as well as generates expressions and gestures through frame-by-frame method rigged together to create actions.


  • Illustrator

Graphic designer works for the bigger picture that includes, for example, typography and layout. While illustrators focus on drawing a design, digitally or manually. Illustrators are usually self-employed with their own studios at home, and are often commissioned directly by the clients.

2D 3D Animator


  • Web Designer

If coding is one of your bonus skills, consider getting a career as a web designer. They design the outlook of a website along with the accessibility of the website. Since they are dealing with a website, knowing CSS, HTML, or JavaScript is always a good point.

Website Designer


  • UI/UX Designer

They basically have the same job description as web designers, but the difference lies in the media. While web designers focus on website outlook, UI/UX designers also handle other product output such as applications.

UI / UX Designer


  • Game Designer

Game design is the most complicated of all, yet the most exciting if you’re a gaming enthusiast. Aside from designing characters, interface, and other design assets, they are also responsible for planning the storyline, gameplay system, and narration. 

Game Designer

So if you have the creativity and passion for it, game designer can be a challenging and rewarding career path for you.


Tips to Become A Graphic Designer

Aside from getting a degree, there are ways to be a self-taught designer. In fact, many of them are self-taught. Before jumping into the actual practice, here are some notes for you to start your graphic designer career.


  • Choose your interest

Choosing a specific career path helps a lot in development. Try looking deeper into the different types of graphic designers as listed before, and find one that resonates with your interest. Finding interest can be either through research or head-on practice, whichever suits your pace.


  • Learn the fundamentals

Graphic design might be all about creativity, but there are formal theories you need to check. Learning graphic design fundamentals like design theory, color theory, and grid theory would surely help you to gain a stronger ground for more design exploration.


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  • Build a creative sense with better taste

It can’t be helped that graphic design needs certain creativity and taste. Look for references, learn ideas from others, and try copying certain references for practice. As you are more used to designs, your taste and creativity will grow along with your skills.


  • Practice everywhere, every time

Practice is the key. It takes hard work to sharpen your skills, so make sure to take the time to practice as much as you can.


  • Join a workshop, if possible

Learning formally with an expert never hurts. You can get credibility and more insight that might lead to new discoveries. Plus, networking is always a good thing with other designers!

Now you’ve learned that it doesn’t always need a degree to be a full-fledged graphic designer, you can start practicing now. Or if you don’t plan to learn but still need someone to design for you, Avond Studio is always open with impeccable design service.

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