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8 Business Ideas for Concert-Goers

Business Idea on Concert
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It’s concert season in Indonesia! Everybody waits eagerly for their favorite artists to come, so it’s a given that it’s almost guaranteed Sold Out for all international artist concerts. The same can be said for music festivals, even the local ones. Here are some unique business ideas perfect for the concert season in Indonesia, or even other countries if the market calls for it.

Even so, Word Tour Concert has its own audience, especially K-Pop. They are known for putting on the most effort for the maximum concert experience. Also, extremely loyal.

When there is a market, there are bound to be business opportunities. Here are some unique business ideas perfect for the concert season in Indonesia, or even other countries if the market calls for it. So better start your business plan now!


  • Merch and Accessories for the Concert!

For certain audiences, going to a concert would not be complete without bringing merch, either fanmade merchandise or official merch, to show support to the artists.

Concert Merchandise Business Idea

If you’re not sure what merchandise to make, you can always go for accessories. Bracelet, headband, and even electric fan would surely be a hit!


  • Everybody Needs Food

A concert lasts for 2 hours or more, and it takes a lot of energy. Food and beverages are like an oasis for the concert-goers. It doesn’t take a genius to know that opening a food stand at a concert venue is a great business strategy. 

Food Business Idea

But do note that opening a proper food stand INSIDE the venue will need cooperation with the concert organizer. However, if you’re just planning an impromptu sale with bottled water or snacks, you can always just come and sell your stuff outside the venue.


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  • Pretty Eye Makeup to Complete the Concert Look

If you come to a K-Pop concert, you might feel like you’re stepping into a fashion show. Everyone makes an effort to dress up and create their own Concert Look™.

For those with exceptional makeup skills, this is a great opportunity to make money out of it. There will be people who need help with eye-catching makeup or wish they use bold makeup after seeing their surroundings. So best prepare your most colorful and glittery makeup tools!


  • Can’t Forget About Nail Art Too

Aside from makeup, nail art is also an important element in a K-Pop Concert Look™. It doesn’t have to be a proper nail polish complete with UV light machine (though it is possible if you’d want to try), because instant nail art is always a more common service.

Nail Art Business Idea

Bring as many instant nail art varieties as you can, wait outside the venue before the concert starts with a small stand, and people will make a line for the cute, stick-and-go, nail art service you offer.


  • Safeguard Your Stuff with Concert Deposit Service

There will be prohibited items at concerts, and if you’re caught bringing those specific items, it might be thrown away by the guard. Some people might not care for the cheap ones, but people would want to keep their entire bottle of perfume, tumbler, or even camera.

This is where the business comes. No preparation is needed, you just need to come, be trustworthy, and offer a service for people to safeguard their stuff. The only thing you need is to wait outside until the concert ends.


  • PVC Bag for Sale

Security check is a pain because you need to take out the entirety of your belongings from the bag. To shorten this excruciating process, a PVC bag is perfect for it.


However, for those unfamiliar with concert regulations might not have a PVC bag ready from home. Chances are, they will need to buy a PVC bag just before they enter the venue.


  • Lightstick Rent for True Concert Experience

What is a K-Pop concert without lightsticks? If you have a spare lightstick collection, it would be a good extra money to rent the unused lightstick to the concert-goers who come empty-handed.

This can be a quick cash thing or even an actual business strategy if you want to open a proper lightstick rental service.


  • Outdoor? Calls for Raincoat Sell

Music festivals are often held outdoors to achieve the right vibe, and weather is a natural obstacle for outdoor concerts. Whether it’s the rainy season or unexpected weather changes, raincoats will be best-selling goods for people.

Raincoat Product


Concerts are a dream come true for many people, but also business opportunities for some. Quick extra cash is good, so don’t let the concert season go to waste even if you’re not part of the concert-goers!

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