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Starting your own business and taking a step into the ‘Be Your Own Boss’ bandwagon is great and all, until the dreaded question comes forth and it takes all the fun away; ‘What’s your brand?’ and ‘What kind branding that you do?’

Here’s the thing, when you start thinking about creating your own brand, there are bound to be misconceptions. The common misconception about branding is that, majority of people only bring up three basic points; names, logos, colors. While that is not entirely wrong, branding is a wide concept that concerns your business.

The headache that comes with thinking an entire background story for a company might not be your cup of tea. That’s when the branding agency comes in handy. A branding agency services will help you to communicate with your audience, delivering the right message that will resonate with them perfectly. Here’s everything you need to know about branding agency, starting from the very basic understanding of branding itself, how agency works, and how they will launch your business to ultimate success.


What is Branding?

To start things off, let’s begin to actually understand, what is branding actually?

Branding is the practice of establishing a name, design, term, symbol, or other features that can distinguish one business from other businesses. Branding is the core of your business, the very essence that makes people want to actually buy your products. 

People don’t want to see a boring company that ‘sells stuff’, they want to see value, connection, and stories in your company. People need an introduction to be able to relate to your company, before finally deciding to give their money.

When branding is done right, it builds up a cohesive view of your company. An effective company branding will connect the entire personality into all aspects of your business into creating a clear image of the company to your audience.

Branding is as important as the selling itself. It greatly increases your brand awareness, bringing in public recognition for your brand and potential customers. Branding can also nurture a relationship with the customers, as well as maintaining their expectation of the experiences your business has to offer.


What is a Branding Agency?

From the previously defined branding, it’s easy to conclude that a branding agency is, just like the name suggests, a company that does the branding for other companies and businesses.

A branding agency conjures up an entire identity for your businessthe name, the stories, the message, the Unique Selling Point (USP), up until the promotion and positioning. If you’re looking for an even more diverse services in the visual and design aspects as well as company branding service, you can turn into a creative agency that provides branding in the package.

A branding company can also dive into deeper digital marketing services by providing advertising and content marketing services, turning into a full-fledged digital marketing agency.


How does an Agency work?

An agency, no matter what type of agency it is, typically offers a variety of services that can help a CEO runs their business. Here’s the services provided by an agency:


  • Logo Services

A logo service designs the first look of your brand. It helps customers to distinguish your brand from the others, as well as identify your business with just a single glance. This service works from understanding your business, before visualizing your business in the form of an easily recognizable logo.

Dry Go Logo by Avond Studio

Dry Go Logo by Avond Studio


  • Brand Identity Services

A brand identity service typically includes a logo design as well, but brand identity service plans an entire brand before jumping to a logo design. Brand identity determines how a brand is perceived by the public and audience, and it is also used for customers to associate the brand with an image. This service pinpoints your business value, then crafts a brand message along with the brand voice that will strengthen your brand personality for an emotional connection development with your customers.

Pura Indonesia Brand Identity

Pura Indonesia Brand Identity by Avond Studio


  • Graphic Design Services

This service isn’t limited to just designing a brand, but also whatever a client needs in terms of design and visualization. Packaging? Poster? Menu? Company profile? Social media? You name it.

Avond Graphic Design Services

Avond Graphic Design Services


  • Photography services

Not all agencies will have this service, but an all-in-one agency will be happy to provide you with photo assets you can use for your business. Product photoshoot is the most common type, but some also offer a site photoshoot and even videography.

Akiko Perfume Product Phtography by Avond Studio to grow your branding

Akiko Perfume Product Phtography by Avond Studio


  • Brand Consulting Services

This is for all the business owners who are still not sure about their business. Give a list of your vision and budget, an agency will do all the branding up to marketing strategy for you.

Brand Consultant with branding agency


How can a Branding Agency help with business?

Now that you understand how an agency is specifically built to make business easier for everyone, let’s divulge into the exciting part. Aside from all the services, what is the benefit of hiring an agency?


  • You sit back, let the agency do all the work

The main advantage of hiring an agency is you don’t have to do anything yourself. When a business owner comes, the only thing they need to do is provide complete information for a project to start. All that’s left is to send a stamp of approval, or rejection, for the work the agency has submitted.


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  • Less cost needed

To make a business runs smoothly, you will need a graphic designer, brand strategist, copywriter, and marketer. Imagine paying all of them individually, especially if a business has just started. You will obviously choose a better deal, hiring an agency that definitely comes in package with all those experts with a single payment check.


  • Expert of their fields

Not all business owners understand about marketing, or branding, or design, which are all essentials for the company success. In agency, each part is done by specialized experts with a credible experience from numerous clients.


  • Easily personalized with custom scalability

Whatever you need from an agency, they can adapt to it. Whether it’s a small campaign or large-scale company rebranding, agencies will adjust the scope of the project to meet your needs.

With how easily an agency can jumpstart or even scale a company, it is understandable that an agency has risen in popularity in these few years. If you’re in need of one, especially a one-stop solution to your business, you can check out Avond Studio! We offer everything you can possibly need plus all our experiences to expand your business.

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