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5 Creative Packaging Designs that Can Change Your Mind About Your Product

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The first thing customers notice about a product is the packaging design. It matters not the quality of the product if the brand can’t present it to be easily noticeable.

Product packaging design box plays a crucial part in consumer behavior. Even if they initially don’t have the intention to buy the product, an interesting design will trigger curiosity in the customers.

Here are some examples of cleverly unique and interactive packaging designs for your reference, and to give you insight on how far a packaging can be explored.


  • Trident Xtra-Care

To sell their sugar-free chewing gum that’s marketed teeth and gum protector, Trident creates packaging design that allows the consumers to interact with the product.

Trident Packagin Design

The packaging is designed as a set of pearly bright teeth on pink gums. The consumers can easily figure out the function of the product with a simple interaction. They can create a picture of a bright smile by simply holding the product in front of their mouth. 


  • Never Go Alone Sanitising Treatment Mist

In response to the rise of the pandemic, Never Go Alone introduced their brand to protect the consumers against virus. One of their most notable packaging is the nourishing hand sanitizer with a gas cylinders-like design.

Never go Alone Creative Packaging

Never Go Alone Creative Packaging (Source : Never Go Alone Website)

The smooth and sleek material is attached with a lanyard that can be attached to keys or bags so that it can always accompany the consumers, just like the brand name itself—Never Go Alone.

The packaging also highlights the brand value in sustainability with its 100% recyclable bottle. This is a great example of successful product design, a balanced combination of creativity and brand identity.


  • News Of The Wooled

News Of The Wooled introduced the world of knitting and crafting to first-timers with their eye-catching packaging. The wool yarn shapes the body of a sheep with a cardboard cutout of a sheep’s legs at each end. 

News of the Wooled Packaging

News of the Wooled Packaging (Source: Packaging of the World)

This shape creates a fascinating packaging that intrigues people to double-take. It also plays with the consumers’ interest through the subconscious association of the word ‘knitting’ and sheep. 

This is a great way to communicate the product and spark interest to people who haven’t tried the brand.


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  • Inverroche Bee&Bee

Inverroche is a craft gin brand famous for its authentic South Africa origin. The brand uses the South African bees’ byproduct for the gin, whose population has been lost by 70% because of climate change.

Inverroche Bee&Bee

Inverroche Bee&Bee Packaging Design

To address the environmental issue, Inverroche launched a limited-edition packaging that can be used as approximately 1.200 bee habitats. This packaging doesn’t only serve as an exclusive and eco-friendly design, it also shows the brand’s quality and value for the environmental issue.


  • eBay x Nike SB Skateable Box

As a tribute to the late Sandy Bodecker—the creator of Nike SB, eBay started an auction of 10 special box pairs that include the tribute pair, 4-cut pieces Dunk, and regular eBay Dunk. It also comes with a commemorative saw in the eBay color.

eBay x Nike SB Skateable Box

eBay x Nike SB Skateable Box (Source : oneclub.org)

This special edition also commemorates the original auction of Nike SB Dunk Low on eBay in 2003. Aside from the customized color sneakers, the box also comes with an interactive feature.

To highlight the Dunk Low as a skater sneakers, the box can be used for skating. The eBay x Nike SB Skateable Box is packed with historical memories in the skater community, hence enhancing the box’s special edition.


To Wrap Up

For a brand that sells products, it is always important to keep in mind for the packaging design. It can achieve all three marketing funnels—awareness, consideration, and conversion. If you need a unique packaging design that can greatly interest the consumer, Avond Studio is always up for a chat with your brand!

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