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Things to NOT Do When You’re Rebranding

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So you’re a business owner who seeks something new for your brand due to whatever reason you might think of. You open up Google, then search for ‘ways for a brand refresh’. In the process of that, you discovered the term ‘rebranding’.

The act of rebranding itself is a broad spectrum, but one thing for sure, it needs a proper branding strategy with a more-than-adequate business plan. To put it simply, rebranding is changing your business image. Be it following a more trendy digital branding, updating an old-fashioned product branding, or shifting the overall image branding to a more positive one.

Rebranding is a great way to keep a brand stay relevant, yet it might be a hit-or-miss step if not done correctly. Here are 6 mistakes business owners often make when doing rebranding, so you can learn to avoid these and prevent the dreaded profit loss.


Not knowing the ‘Why’ 

Rebranding requires major visual alteration, and it sure takes quite a lot of cash from the business bank. With money involved, ‘just because’ is not a good enough reason, especially in marketing strategy. 

Think about why you need the rebranding, and not why you want it. Perhaps your goal to create a ‘cult’ following wasn’t achieved through the initial branding, or the business growth seems to be stuck within the last few periods, or maybe your brand wishes to convey a new message that doesn’t suit the visuals.

Whatever it is, the reasoning behind branding should be clear and concise, as this will be the start and foundation of a new brand strategy. 


Unsure what to change

The next big mistake is, wanting to change something, but having no idea what exactly needs to change. Is it the logo? The color? Or how the brand talks to the audience?

Planning a rebranding needs at least one specific thing in mind to lay the groundwork for the new branding strategy. After all, depending on what changes would be implemented on the brand itself, the introduction and marketing strategy would greatly differ.


Ignoring data

Doing a rebranding might change your target audience even the slightest bit. Understanding the previous audience and then comparing the new target audience is very much needed for a successful rebranding, as the approach might or might not differ. Remember, taking precautions won’t hurt.

Always start your rebranding with a little interview with yourself about what the brand will be. After that, redoing market research analysis and competitor analysis from scratch might clear up some things that haven’t been answered.


Underestimating customers’ loyalty

For the brands that already have an established audience (no matter how small or big the community is), expect some rejections from some of them. The audience that follow you since the beginning might have formed some sort of attachment to the brand, thus needing more time to adjust to the change.

A key tip is, that leaving something behind so the audience would still recognize the brand is always a great idea. However, changing the entire branding isn’t a forbidden thing to do either, as long as you know what you get yourself into.


Skipping consultation

Last but not least, practice makes perfect. Taking the time to talk and gather feedback will always open up new insights. Other than friends and your own audience, consulting a professional also helps, especially if you don’t have the expertise to actually do the rebranding yourself.’


Key Takeaways to Do Rebranding the ‘Right’ Way

All in all, a rebranding might be the answer to a business dilemma, even better when you have the help from a professional to guide you through all the thinking. Luckily for you, Avond Studio is not only a thinker, but also an executor, designer, and strategist for your next brilliant rebranding. So, don’t hesitate to hit us up!

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