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Point Coffee: The New Giant Born from Genius F&B Marketing Strategy

Point Coffee - F&B Marketing Strategy
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Indonesia has always ranked among the top 5 biggest coffee producers in the world, so it’s actually no surprise that the coffee industry has grown rapidly and become a mainstream F&B marketing strategy within the country itself. It is also safe to say that the coming of specialty coffee startups become the grand introduction of coffee products for the younger audiences.

One of the most prominent figure within the coffee industry in Indonesia is Point Coffee. By collaborating with the biggest convenience store chain in Indonesia—Indomaret—, they’re easily accessible to the public due to their extremely strategic locations. 

However, talking about the success of Point Coffee will also circle back to the man behind the great marketing strategy and high-quality coffee, Hendri Kurniawan. We’ll talk more about the branding, marketing, as well as why Point Coffee is often said to go head-to-toe with the global coffee chain, Starbucks. 


Coffee Shop Branding Strategy by the Coffee Expert

Despite being known as ‘Indomaret’s Coffee Shop’, Point Coffee was initially intended to be a stand-alone coffee chain by the Indomaret Group, PT. Indomarco Prismatama. In 2015, Hendri Kurniawan, the legendary Indonesian barista with international certificates, was contacted by the directors to partner up for the project.

However, Hendri refused the idea of helping develop a brand-new coffee startup and proposed a new plan instead. Ever so passionate about educating and introducing people to the coffee industry, Hendri suggested integrating specialty coffee into the thousands of Indomaret convenience stores scattered all across Indonesia.

Believing doing so would reach wider people, especially in remote areas, Hendri envisioned Point Coffee to introduce the specialty coffee experience and lifestyle to more people in an affordable way. This is due to the fact that specialty coffee wasn’t as accessible back in 2015, and the product marketing was still mainly targeted at older people.

Point Coffee changed the specialty coffee industry in Indonesia by taking less margin than the average specialty coffee shop, resulting in low-cost high-quality coffee that can be purchased even in remote cities. The easy and approachable coffee shop branding by Point Coffee also made it easy for non-urban people, especially the younger generation, to try a more advanced version of coffee.

To further contribute to the specialty coffee industry in Indonesia, Point Coffee sourced its ingredients from local farmers and supplied by the Indomaret Group itself. This allows Point Coffee to ensure the quality and accessibility of the products across chains.

Furthermore, Hendri was directly involved in planning the system, quality control, and even educating the existing employees into proper baristas. With his dedication to the growth of specialty coffee in Indonesia, Point Coffee has opened more than 1.200 outlets in Indonesia as of now.


Becoming the Beloved Specialty Coffee 

After 8 years since its establishment in 2016, Point Coffee has become one of the pioneer coffee chain that actively target millennials—now gen Z too—. By adopting the mainstream coffee menu with an affordable price range, Point Coffee can rival the other local coffee chain giants in Indonesia, such as Kopi Kenangan, Janji Jiwa, and Fore Coffee.

Despite all of them being the local’s favorite coffee startups, Point Coffee seems significantly different than the others. Here are what makes them stand out in the rise of local coffee shops:


  • Popularising the grab-and-go coffee 

Point Coffee has always been aimed at the young market, largely millennials. As the generation that starts to dominate the workforce, millennials tend to be more mobile for work. Point Coffee understands that millennials live in a fast-paced world, which proceeded to the launching of the grab-and-go coffee concept that became popular quickly.

The customers aren’t meant to sit and drink, hence the lack of a large sitting area. The concept suits the people who need a quick grab of coffee before going to work. To better support young working adults, Point Coffee opens at 6 am, much earlier than other coffee shops.

This concept also requires less space and maintenance. By converting the interior budget to better human resources and ingredients, Point Coffee manages to keep the coffee fresh for each cup at a low cost.


  • Convenient store turns coffee shop

By utilizing the tens of thousands of Indomaret stores already established in Indonesia, Point Coffee can gain exponential growth in reaching more people and more awareness. This becomes a huge starting point for Point Coffee, as normal coffee shop chains would need to expend quite a budget to be able to open up more outlets.

The strategic location doesn’t just facilitate the customers, but also an efficient budget-saving way for freshly delivered ingredients by the Indomaret Group itself to keep the price cheap.


  • Available to all regions

Due to the already widely-established Indomaret, Point Coffee is also able to reach more remote areas and smaller cities. In addition to the store outlet locations, Point Coffee embraced an approachable branding and marketing strategy with short, catchy, and easy-to-understand jargon for the customers who aren’t yet familiar with the specialty coffee lifestyle and experience.


  • Prioritizing affordable quality

Even though Point Coffee emphasizes their effort to deliver affordable coffee for everyone, Point Coffee doesn’t compromise their quality. During its early establishment, Point Coffee was one of the first to provide specialty coffee in the low price range.

Point Coffee has only continued rising in popularity as the much-lovable local specialty coffee with affordable prices, even more so amid the Starbucks boycott in solidarity with Palestine. This shows that with their 100% Indonesian local product, Point Coffee has proven their quality as an alternative of global brands. 


Sometimes, Collaborating is the Way to Go

All in all, creating a business isn’t a race on who can start a new thing before anyone else, as it has become increasingly difficult. Nowadays business is all about spotting opportunities to take, in Point Coffee’s case, collaborating with the biggest convenience store chain in Indonesia. If you’re having trouble advancing your business or in need of a new breakthrough to make use of the limitless opportunities, don’t hesitate to call Avond Studio for expert business consultation!

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