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Font vs Typeface: The 2 Pillars of Typography

Typography vs Typeface
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As a business owner, you need to know that delivering a message needs more than writing a typography. Yes, the pictures and images are great visualizations of your identity, but it might come off as bland if you don’t utilize your words correctly.

However, texts don’t just contain additional information to ensure clear understanding. It also works as an extra ‘WOW’ effect for the brand, evoking the right feelings in the audience.

This feelings is caused by the visual of the text itself, especially with texts without much copywriting. Disney wouldn’t have the same magical effect if it was written plainly like in Docs.


Disney Typography

Disney Typography


The different image created by the written texts are the results from meticulous typography by graphic designers. As for those unfamiliar with graphic design, you might say that it’s the font that’s different.

While that might be not entirely wrong, but the correct term would be typeface, not font. A lot of people refer to all aspects of written text as font with the typography design in mind, without realizing that there is a different name for the design.

Yes, the two common elements of typography include font and typeface. Yes, they are indeed different. We will dig deeper into the general misconception of the two terms, starting from the meaning behind the word ‘typography’ itself.


What is Typography?

Typography is the art of making written language to appear more appealing to the eyes, as well as ensuring readability to the readers. It takes a special skill to arrange and select the appropriate typefaces, fonts, spacings, lengths to fit into the available space.


So in other words, typography is the appearance of a text. It supports the tone of the voice for the texts, as well as the personality of a brand. Here are the reasons why typography is important, and how they work to make a brand appears more attractive.


  • Seamless readability

The composition of color, arrangement, and design will affect the eyes’ ability to read the text. Contrasting colors won’t hurt the eyes, and a smooth flow of reading will prevent misreading or misinterpretation of the information.

  • Attention grabbing

A boring paragraph of texts is not as interesting to read as a bold, colorful text. If the readers won’t read, the visual communication become meaningless.

  • Strengthen identity

If a fun brand used Helvetica for their logo, the audience would be in for a surprise. Helvetica implied a minimalist image, fun wouldn’t be the first thing the audience imagines when seeing Helvetica.

  • Thematic visuals

Dark colored texts work well for mystery theme, and it is a designer’s job to ensure that they won’t make the written texts come in neon pink or bright yellow.


Typeface vs. Font

So the big question is, what is typeface typography? Or font typography? Are they really different?

Most people use them interchangeably, or mainly call it font. So to get things straight, font and typeface are different, and font isn’t what you think it is.

Difference Typeface and Font

Difference Typeface and Font (Sumber : Medium Elias Ruiz Monserrat)

The design style of overall characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols, is called typeface. Simply put, the style we are familiar with like Times New Roman, Arial, or Garamond, are all examples of typeface.

Font, on the other hand, refers to the variation of typeface. Font is defined by specific attributes of a typeface, such as weight and width. Example of fonts would be bold, light, and italic.

So if you want to go for a certain feel with your brand, you change the typeface, not the font.


In Short

Typography font is probably not what you meant when you say the font is different. The same case applies as well. Don’t rush to change the typeface if the feeling isn’t right, but try to tweak the font first.

If you’re not sure on how to select the right typeface for your brand, along with the correct font, you can always rely on a creative agency that provides design and logo service. Here at Avond Studio, creating iconic typography is as natural as breathing to us. So do hit us up, we’ll do the designing and you do the business!

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