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Case Study 3 : Brand Management & Consulting for Malta


Malta, a new local sandal brand that happens to be Swallow’s sister brand, is strategically positioning itself in Indonesia’s competitive footwear market intending to gain the trust and support of local consumers. The brand seeks to emphasize the importance of supporting Indonesian products over international products. By focusing on affordability, Malta has emerged as a leading footwear pioneer with distinctive brand characteristics.

With cool and modern designs at affordable prices, Malta aims to attract consumers who are looking for trendy, yet anti-mainstream options. Malta’s Unique Selling Point lies in its distinct branding, as a reputable local foam sandals brand known for its durability, sturdiness, and stability compared to imported products with less competitive brands. Malta aims to show that local products can be just as competitive as imported products.

It’s not always about the product. There are many important things to seek from brand identity, such as: Overall brand value as core communication to develop the aims and future of the brand, secondly the key messages to communicate through various mediums, from digital to physical and lastly relatable things that match really well with the audiences.

Key Challenges

The influx of imported products, especially China foam sandals, which overly saturate the local e-commerce in Indonesia is not easy to stem. Fashion is one of the highest contributors to imports in Indonesia, including sandals. The imported sandal industry continues to grow with prices that are too affordable so the quantity entering Indonesia is also greater. This is what reduces the existence of local products as a provider of sandals that are less trendy and affordable to meet people’s fashion needs.

Even though the product itself might be of interest in the local market, the product type does not have a top-of-mind brand. This type of foam sandals is broadly known imported from China. No specific brand as pioneer or market’s top of mind. So even though Malta is a new brand that has a low presence, it has a big opportunity for distribution and awareness in Indonesia. Malta must build trust and awareness from the audience for quite a time before the product is released. This is the challenge for Malta to distribute content that is independent of the product but is still able to attract audience attention by branding shown through social media activation.

The Solutions

Strategic and influential branding and social media activation that attracts the target audience, especially young people. This can be built by increasing reach awareness at the beginning so that the target audience knows about Malta first.

Therefore, Malta conducted social media activations on Instagram and TikTok using content pillar with the following keywords: contemporary, gen Z, and artistic.

Current means promoting shareable content that not only relevant to fashion and daily life, but also related to product trends. To showcase the gen Z vibe, Malta needs to develop design visuals that are experimental, fun, and playful. Malta created content that emphasizes daily wear with expressive and young talents to avoid misleading about the products.

What We Learned From It

Apparently, in 2 months, Malta had this huge awareness growth through social media mediums:

1330 followers growth

57.500++ reach

in Instagram

7026 followers growth

60.000+++ reach

in TikTok

Joining the bandwagon aka trend would likely boost your social media growth and performance. Malta had FYP content that relied on the target audience’s taste. The result: Significant numbers of followers increase. FYP also affects the reach number of other videos. The detailed strategy for giveaway activation also grabbed more attention of the planned target market.

Being a relevant brand is the main key to attracting attention and building relationships with the audience. Malta has limitations in the form of products that have not yet launched, but must immediately build a solid social media presence.

In this case, Malta, which seeks to build a social media presence, has successfully targeted the ideal audience for its brand. Malta’s gen Z brand identity has influenced Malta’s stigma as an accessible brand. The growth of Malta’s social media performance occurred due to varied and relatable content, followed by organic visuals, but still expressive for young people.

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